Fans & Ventilation

Europe’s #1 range of man coolers are powerful, high performance fans designed to provide unrivalled amounts of air movement for cooling and ventilation.  

Mighty Breeze fans combine a tough ABS plastic body to give them the impact resistance demanded for industrial applications and a stylish appearance suited to more subtle applications such as events and retail.  These adaptable fans come in two separate sizes, both available in 110V or 240V and with three separate fan speeds allowing them to be tailored to almost any ventilation requirement.  

The VF range of industrial extractor fans boasts 1.5mm steel bodies, aluminium housed motors for excellent heat dissipation and sickle bladed fans to maximise airflow and pressure and allow them to be duct 20M.   With various outputs up to 14,400m3/hr all available in 110V and 230V there’s an option to suit just about any industrial ventilation requirement.  

Hard wearing plasticoated ducting is also available in 10M lengths and comes with a built in rope tie for securing to the unit.

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