About Us

Second Generation Climate Control

With a 40 year history in the specification, design, manufacture and distribution of portable air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, ventilation fans and industrial electric heaters ours is a truly unique perspective and our experience is unrivalled.

Why? Because we actually manufacture. We design and make our own equipment, right here in the UK.

There really is no substitute for the kind of technical knowledge and experience a company builds up when it makes it’s own equipment. We’re not just some importer moving boxes from one place to another without even seeing them, we know our equipment intimately. We know what it can do and, sometimes more relevantly, what it can’t. Not only that but we also know HOW it does it too.

But you also import?

Yes, but we only sell equipment we’d be happy to put our own name on.

These days anyone can ship a container of equipment in, house it in a distribution warehouse and sell it on the internet without even seeing it. How do you really know that what you’re getting is safe though?

Again this is where being an actual manufacturer sets us apart because we’re acutely aware of what it takes to put a piece of equipment on the market here in the UK and what’s expected of it, so will only ever sell something someone else has made after our engineers have been through it to ensure build quality and safety. Not only that but we also work with some of the worlds leading test houses so make sure it’s safe for you to use and wherever you see the TUV or Intertek logo then the unit has been independently tested and evaluated by a specialist lab, which can be verified by the test house themselves.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme for us and we’re not just looking to shift units. We’re a proud, family owned company that’s been around for forty years and is on to the second generation of leadership. We’re genuine experts in what we do with proper engineers with real world experience that you can actually speak to.

Above all, being a family owned company then we understand the value of the good old fashioned customer relationship. We’re not a large, impersonal PLC and with a call centre or a tricky to negotiate complaints department, we’re a team of people who share an office and work hard to ensure you get the right advice, the right equipment and the right service.


Broughton at the ACR Show, London 2018